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Wooden Forms and Artwork

I make turned wooden forms and artwork 

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Only Sustainable Timber

The wood I use is generally English hardwood from managed sources or windfall trees. I can generally say where the tree was in the Yorkshire Dales and occasionally other parts of the UK


Everything is hand made in my workshop near Giggleswick in the Yorkshire Dales

Every piece is individual and unique

English hardwood such as Oak, Ash, Elm, Beech, Sycamore, Cherry, Yew ....often with figure such as Burr, Spalting or pippy

Finishes are oil or wax and occasionally water based lacquer

WOOD TURNING - BENJAMIN THOMAS WOOD TURNING Originally during the 1980's and 90's I built and sold hand made furniture in the Dales as 'Benjamin Thomas Woodwork' (named after the kids Benjamin & Thomas) and I now continue to create artwork / sculpture from turned wood - unique one-off wooded forms hand made in the Yorkshire Dales.

I seek wood the provenance of which is environmentally sustainable and use the natural grain and shape of the wood to dictate the final shape of the piece.

PHOTOGRAPHY - STEVE FINCH PHOTOGRAPHY I have worked as a professional commercial photographer for many years and have now started making some images from my private collection available as prints / frames and wall art

I am happy to discuss displaying or selling my work through galleries or dealers or to take on commissions.

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